Mr Nitro Beach Mix 756x756In 2023 Mr Nitro spent 6 months traveling around Thailand & Cambodia soaking up the sun and the culture in a wide range of beautiful locations. In true ‘Nitro style’ he brought all his music and a mini controller so he was able to have a mix in all these far flung  locations and beautiful paradise beaches. During his travels he met loads beautiful people and found some great beach bars and clubs along the way where he was lucky enough to DJ live.

This mix series is a selection of recordings taken from various live sets along the way and consists of various music genres including Liquid Drum & Bass, Jungle, Oldschool, Soulful House / Techno, Breakbeat & more and they are all available to stream and download for free. All mixes were completely unplanned, mixed live (on various setups) and fuelled by Sangsom (Thai Rum) so please excuse the odd ‘slightly shady’ mix here and there!

All the love to everyone that crossed paths with Mr Nitro & enjoyed his live sets along the way and massive respect and love to the guys that let Mr Nitro take over their bars along the way too including Hanglek (Crazy Monkey Bar | Koh Chang | Thailand), Micky (Monkey Island Beach Bar | Koh Mak | Thailand), Mo (Mimos Beach Bar | Koh Chang | Thailand) & The guys at The Happy Hippy Bar (Siem Reap | Cambodia)!


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