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DJ Nitro a.k.a Mr Nitro is the creator and co owner of Different Drumz ( and has been mixing and scratching since 1993. His love for the underground music scene all started from a very young age long before then as he grew up listening to hardcore, oldschool, jungle and drum and bass on a wide variety of pirate radio stations such as Dream, Origin, Rude and Kool FM.

Predominantly a Drum and Bass DJ, Nitro has been collecting vinyl for many years ranging from Old school and Jungle all the way through to jump up and more importantly the best in liquid, tech, minimal and deep DnB that he plays today and has followed the scene his whole life. Nitro has also been producing his own tracks since 2003 (when he has the time between the many projects he always has going on) using many programs including Reason and Cubase.

Mr Nitro specialises in Drum & Bass, jungle and old school and has been known to play with a bit of everything including garage & breakbeat too. His main weapons of choice are 3x Technics 1200’s & pure vinyl but also uses Serato Scratch to play his own tunes, digital tracks and forthcoming releases and has a pair of Pioneer CDJ 2000’s too. Nitro has been playing out since 1996 all over the UK and Europe and has featured at almost all types of venue including pubs, clubs,bars, raves, field raves, big london events and various legal and pirate radio stations including Origin FM, Eruption FM, Laylow FM and over 6 online radio stations!

Always looking for ways to ‘share the love for DnB’ and to have his own stamp on the drum and bass scene, he has now built and runs his own online drum and bass radio station, ¬†soulful drum and bass record label & promotion ‘Different Drumz‘ for which he has BIG plans for the future!

Nitro’s main focus over the last few years or so has been on his music production,¬†improving and running DDz to the highest standard as possible, his web design work. For more information about his low cost website and graphic design business ‘N2O Designs’ make sure to visit the official website –

To date Nitro has had tracks released with labels ‘Dirt Lies & Audio Black’, ‘Extent Recordings’, his own label ‘Different Drumz Recordings‘ and has plenty more in the pipeline and due to be released in the future from various labels.

He has big plans for the future including plenty of new dnb tracks & collaborations, events, radio shows & much more.. watch this space!

If you would like to book DJ Nitro for an event or party then please use the form or the details on the contact page!